Sunday, January 1, 2012

Lost a Baby :(

This morning when I went out to do chores I was SHOCKED to fine ALL 5 of Haylie's babies OUT of the nest box.  YIKES.  I freaked out!  Haylie was cuddled up in the corner with 4 of them keeping them warm but #5 was off by itself by the water dish, already too cold to be revived when I got there, even though I tried.  I'm so bummed.  It looked like one of the ones I had my eye on to keep, too.  :(  But I am SO thankful that I only had 1 dead baby when I could have easily lost the whole litter.  The other 4 are inside their nest box with a very protective mama (meaning me) keeping an eye on them.  Haylie did as good a job as she could... I'm proud of her for keeping the 4 warm, the other one just didn't stick with the group I guess.  I was surprised they got out in the first place!  Only 2 weeks old... really strange.  
So, that was a huge bummer for me....  =(  It's so hard to lose a little baby.
But on a happier note,  I got Bella bred this morning!  I had tried yesterday, with no success, but today she was totally willing and raised for Comic.  Yeah!  :)  So I'll try palpating in 10 days and see how it goes.
Well, I've gotta go take care of Bella's babies.  They are still in the house.  They are looking better every day, but not quite good enough to go back out yet.   


The Kings said...

Oh no!! I'm sorry for your loss. :-( Poor little one. Glad to hear your doe was receptive to the buck. What about Chip?

Emily said...

Thanks. <3 So far I still haven't had any luck with Chip. :( Ugh! So I'm trying some other things and hopefully SOMETHING will work!