Monday, April 30, 2012

Baby Pics

CC's babies are doing WONDERFUL!  Yaaay!  It's refreshing to have a healthy, live litter after the last experence.  CC is doing such a great job.  They are very fat, well-fed little things, which is a relief.  Last time that was the only thing I wasn't satisfied with about her litter, she didn't seem to have quite enough milk for them.  But these ones look great. 
Here they are the evening they were born.  I took them in the house for the night because it got a little cold that night.  I had them in my room and set my alarm to get up and check on them... fun!  :)  It's not often I get to have babies in my ROOM. (Actually, never :)  They were in with CC all night last night, though, and did fine.

And here they are this morning.  WIGGLY!


Miss Dolly gets her nest box today.  And boy, is she ever in nesting mood!  =)

LOL... what a silly girl.  She's been carrying her hay all over for the last few days.  She'll be happy to get her nest.  I'm hoping for another healthy litter!  She was bred to Mickey, a mother/son cross, so I'm hoping for some nice babies, we'll see.

And to end with Miss Regina, because she's such a pretty girl.  She'll be having her own babies pretty soon!

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Grama Berry said...

Happy for you Em, they are so cute!!!
Good luck with them !! love you, Grama ♥♥♥