Saturday, April 7, 2012

Only One Left =(

Welllllllll.... the weaker one of the two kits died this afternoon.  :(  Such a bummer.  The remaining one looks a tad bit more hopeful.  We'll see if he pulls through or not.

I usually don't have much trouble like this, so it's discouraging when it does happen. But this is all part of that learning process, and boy, am I learning!

I talked to my very knowledgeable breeder friend to see what she thought - why I have gotten weird stuff out of my Haylie X Mickey cross these 2 times - and she thinks it's a  issue with some lines in there with the two of them that aren't meshing well, thus the max factor kit.  So, that is good to know and I won't be crossing Mickey and Haylie any more.  :(  Put simply, they just aren't a good "match".  So.... next time around we'll try her with Vinson.  Meanwhile, I'm hoping this little kit will pull through... fingers still crossed.  


Bethany said...

Oh, I hope he makes it! Keep us updated, like you have done so well =)


Emily said...

Thanks Bethany! Will do.

Tamie said...

Hang in there Emily! Sending you lots of positive thoughts and encouragement this morning.

Emily said...

Thanks so much, Tamie!