Friday, April 20, 2012

My Folder

I'll admit it: I am too caught up in details sometimes.  For the last year I have been keeping records of all my sales, rabbits, litters, etc., in a big spiral-bound notebook.  Not the most efficient way to do it, let me tell you.  But every time I tried to create a folder, I just couldn't do it.  There just wasn't enough space to record EVERYTHING I thought I HAD to write down!  But, a folder is so much easier to look at quick when I'm trying to remember something, and you can figure out how you are doing in one glance.  So... my solution: I now have a folder and a notebook.  LOL!  I write down all my details in my big, fat ol' notebook, and keep quick, efficient records in my folder.

A lot of my folder pages I got from 4 Kings Rabbitry, big thanks to Lindsey!  Some of them I modified for me and then also made some other ones. 

The cover is: my waiting list!  I often am checking it, so it's nice to have it right there on the cover. 

Then I have my cost/income record (and recipts) on the first page.  I just started doing this.

Then I have all my pedigrees....

Next, my sales records, 2 1/2 pages so far... ;)

Then doe record sheets....

Weight Records:

31-Day Gestation Chart:

Worming Records:

And... you gotta loves this.  These are my pages of notes from talking on the phone with my knowledgeable breeder friend, Debbie, from Hidden Habit Rabbitry... who I also got my starter stock from.  While I'm talking to her, I'm also scribbling down things as fast as I can, as you can tell by some very scattered, messy handwriting!  =)  These notes are some of my most valuable possessions in the rabbitry.  =)... ..seriously, I am constantly looking at them to refresh my brain on something or other (why they are so wrinkled).  Thanks Debbie.  =)

And then... a bulging plastic sheet stuffed full of printed out emails of rabbit critiques from my great friend, Lindsey (4 Kings Rabbitry).  A BIG thanks to her for her time teaching me so much about Dwarf Hotot type!  I have learned tons and tons from her, thanks Lindsey.

So that is the beginning of my folder... I'm excited to finally have something more efficient going, and I'm sure it will really be growing over the next few years!

Tomorrow's Post: Video Rabbitry Tour! 


Hoppin' fun Rabbitry said...

Looks so nice!! I should take pictures of my folder and post them sometime. :)

Bethany said...

"I'll admit it: I am too caught up in details sometimes."

That is SO me! I'm a very organized person (most the time, please don't look in my bedroom right now though *glances at everything laying around*) I think it's so much fun to organize school papers, make to do lists, schedules, charts (which I have four in my room right now) and things like that!

Thank you SO much for the comment on my blog!!!! I was so excited when I saw it was from you!

Looking forward to tomorrow's post! Now, I need to end now or this comment will be my longest ever...

(hope you don't mind long comments!)

Emily said...

LOL! Yep, I'm all with you, Bethany! ;-) I'm a very organized person too! Only, yes... don't look in my bedroom either, haha! =D But I love all those things... schedules, (HUGE) to-do lists, etc. :)
You are so welcome for the comment! Your pictures were beautiful!
Nope, I love long comments. :-)
Thanks! :)

Bethany said...

Haha...that's so funny that we are both like that!

Yup, I know what you mean when you say "huge to-do lists". I have those all the time. Actually, what's intersting is, that the longer they are, the more I get done. I guess you could say that I like challenging things. finishing up school in 5 months instead of 10! I'm really hopeful that works out this year!!! I'll be very excited if it does :)

Emily said...

Hey, good for you Bethany! I really wanted to do school over the summer this year, trying to graduate early! =) I always want to, but really hope it works out this year, also.... ;)
And yes, I get more done the longer lists I have, definitely! LOL. That's so funny... yes, I definitely like the challenge. ;)