Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Easter Bunny Update

Another one of those emails that makes my day.... this one is from a family that got two little Easter does from me a week or so ago.  Sounds like they are going to be some SPOILED bunnies!  :)

Hi there! 

   Just wanted to let you know how things are going.  The girls seem to be adapting very well.  They are really getting comfortable here now.  They lay on their backs on our laps or in our arms when we hold them.  They're so sweet!  We've been letting them out to explore a few times a day and they love it!  They do lots of bunny binkies...especially Nani.  She's pretty crazy sometimes, racing around the living room...she cracks us up.  Some of us started putting her down on the floor when she got squirmy, and I think she learned that was a great way to get down and have fun!  So I've put a little extra effort into making sure she knows she can't have her way all the time!  Pretty funny!  Lola is such a cuddler and so patient...perfect for Quincy!  And having a tiny bit of extra padding isn't so bad when your owner is 5. ; )  I'm trying to get a video of them exploring, we'll see if that happens's in the works anyway!  Thanks so much for a great experience and 2 fabulous bunnies!  We love them!

Sarah, Justin, Cole, and Quincy

And I have to note.... these kind of emails are a result of those bunnies being handled, handled, handled daily from birth!  :) 

Here is a photo of Quincy with her bunny, Lola, when they came to pick them up. 

Thanks for giving the bunnies such a great home!

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