Friday, April 13, 2012

Rabbitry Update

Ahhh... I love my rabbitry. :)  Things are really coming together.  I've been doing a lot of improving, organizing, and up-grading lately.  Here's the latest:

Like I mentioned in the last post, Julia and I did a big order together from Klubertanz Equipment.  I got a bunch of great stuff that I am LOVING...

Enough new water dishes to go in every cage!  (13)  They are so nice... plastic, so I can drop them all I want (something I do frequently) and they won't break.  Plus they are chew resistant (ask the buns), and CLIP on the CAGE.  That's the best!  No more tipped water dishes... sorry guys.  (That's some of my rabbit's favorite past time).  :)

Urine guards!  I have never had these before, but got three different ones for my three different cage sizes to try them out.  I LOVE them.  I think this will make cleaning much easier, as well as keep everything looking neater... a big plus.  I will probably be ordering more for the rest of the holes.

(This beautiful gal is Zahara)

The one disadvantage.. Miss Buttercup is getting stuck up about her adorable looks now... she can see her reflection in the guard.  =)  ("Wowzers... that's one beautiful bunny! ... hey!  That's ME.")

Hay racks...

And I got some containers to keep my oats, veggies, manna pro, etc., in... no more plastic baggies everywhere!

I LOVE being organized.  Can you tell?

I also ordered these card holders... very handy.  No more wondering "now when was I supposed to give her the nest box again?" 

The rabbitry:
(a little empty right now... the whole bottom stack is empty minus 2 buns.)

I also got all the cages scrubbed (and pans emptied) yesterday except a couple empty cages on the bottom.  So I'll go finish those up this afternoon and keep working on some other projects in there.  Then I'm hoping to do a video-tour of my rabbitry... but that might not happen until next week.

Thanks for reading!  ;-)


Hoppin' fun Rabbitry said...

Hey! Everything looks GREAT!!! Still wished I would have got some of those dishes. :( Next time. Oh...I HAVE to get some of those containers! They would solve my overpopulation of bags. :)

Emily said...

Thanks! Yeah, you will have to get some, they are great! And the containers... yes, I had an overpopulation of bags too! LOL They work awesome... I got them at the Dollar Store in Litchfield. =D

House of Hotots said...

I love bowls attached to the wire. Looks awesome Emily. Looks like you really enjoy what you do. =D

Emily said...

Thanks Kate! They are working great, I love them. Yes, I definitely enjoy it.... SOOOO much. =)