Thursday, April 12, 2012

Rabbit Moments

I have to say, as a rabbitry owner, going through the check out line at WalMart or the Dollar Store is.... a bit ..... awkward.  Imagine being the cashier.  Up comes the almost 16-year-old girl with a wash bucket full of scrubbies, cleaning materials, baggies, a measuring tape, a kitchen knife (for cutting up veggies), measuring scoops, .... and three brooms.  Yes, I guess it's not exactly... normal.  Well anyways, such was the case last night standing in line at the dollar store.  The clerk said, "well.... do you have enough brooms???"  I wasn't sure exactly how to explain it...."Well, I raise Dwarf Hotot rabbits and try to keep my rabbitry spick-and-span by sweeping it every day, and since the last three China-made brooms from here broke, I am buying three more in the hopes that they will last until we make another shopping trip here again....."  No, maybe that wouldn't work so well.  So I just laughed it over.....

Those rabbit moments are always... fun.  =] 

Anyways, for some updates... my friend Julia (Hoppin' Fun Rabbitry) and I went in on an order together from Klubertanz Equipment.  I got a whole bunch of new stuff that I'm sooooo excited about.  The rabbitry is really coming together!!!  I got new dishes that clip on the side of the cage (yaaay!  no more dumped dishes!), urine guards (I'm loving them), and lots of other stuff.  I will try to post pictures tomorrow.  Plus my "big" shopping trip yesterday, and I'm really getting organized.  I also worked on cleaning and organizing in the rabbitry yesterday afternoon and made a lot of progress. Hopefully I can go put in another hour or two out there today, too. 

My baby is doing, well, OK... I think.  He has gotten kinda skinny the last few days and I was having thoughts of maybe having to put him down, as I don't want him to suffer... but he's just been such a trooper and he's trying sooooo hard, so it would seem terrible to just end it all.  BUT, I think mayyyybe  we made a "break-through" to Haylie last night, and she's figuring out this is HER baby.  So I'm hoping she'll start being a mom to him again and he'll make it alright.  If we can at least get to 2 or 3 weeks, I can start him on solids.  We'll see, fingers crossed.

And I forgot to mention in my last post, "Easter Bunny Pick-Up".. there was a couple other people who picked up bunnies, but I forgot to get a picture of them. :(  I got another email today from one of the happy new owners with pictures of their spoiled bunnies.  So fun!  :)

Will be posting pictures of my upgraded rabbitry tomorrow!  =)

And to end with a cute picture... this is Buttercup.

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