Tuesday, April 10, 2012


Baby is still doing fairly well today.  I think I will still be surprised if he makes it a week or two.  He has a good appetite, I'm just worried Haylie won't give enough for him, being she doesn't seem to have too many mothering instincts right now, and I'm having to hold her for every feeding.  Last night he got a good feeding, though.  He had a big milk-moustache when he was done, it was so adorable!  Wish I had had the camera!  That was encouraging to know he's actually getting some.  But this morning he didn't seem to get as much.  We'll see .... fingers still crossed.


For other news... Buttercup and Baxter are growing up.  They are such sweeties!  Both of them are getting SO much attention, they are going to be such great bunnies for their pet homes.  Buttercup is sooooo typey... everything you want in a DH, just about, if it wasn't for the fact that she's a sport.  :(  But she's so absolutely adorable, her owners in Wisconsin are going to love her, such a sweetie. Both of them get more than their "fair share" of attention... LOL
Baxter is also going to be going for a pet.  It's such a shame, because he would make such a good breeding or show buck. But... I discovered one of his eyebands is really thin and there is a break in it.  :(  So, he will be a great pet for someone.

They are a busy pair!

Zahara is also doing really well.  I don't have a picture of her today, but she's looking more gorgeous every day, and enjoying her fancy meals.  :)

And Mickey... who cares about nothing but food, girls, and.... head scratches.

Oh... and jumping out of his pen while I'm not looking.   LOL

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