Saturday, April 7, 2012

They've Arrived!

Well.... it's been a long last few hours.  It's seemed like forever!  Haylie pulled a lot of fur.....

...and then was in the box for quite a bit.

Finally I went out and checked on her and she was out and done. 

The nest....

She had three kits total.  Two are live, black banded kits.  The other one she ate half of :( and it looks like it was a Max Factor kit.  :(  My first one.... and hopefully my last.  I guess she realized it was abnormal and ... ate it.  :(  Sorry, really gross, I know...  :(  The other two look OK... the one has a big belly, looks like she nursed him good.  The other looks a little "iffy"... neither are overly lively, I hope they make it OK.  She may have had a bit of a hard birth, they are both pretty big, are a little bruised, and look pretty tuckered out.  Guess it was a long last few hours for them, too. 

So... we'll see how it goes with those two... fingers crossed.


Bethany said...

Thanks for sharing, Emily!

She ate it??? I've never heard of such a thing...I'm so sorry :(

Emily said...

Yes, she ate about half of it. :( It was a max factor, meaning it was born with it's eyes open and it is defective, so the moms will eat their babies if they are not "normal", it's their instinct to hide them from predators. :( I just hope the other 2 make it!