Tuesday, April 17, 2012


Well... not so good news.  ;(  I lost Haylie's little baby on Sunday.  :(  *sniff*  He was doing really well and I was feeling hopeful, but somehow (don't ask me how) he got out of his nest box Saturday night/Sunday morning (week-old babies aren't supposed to do that!!!)  and when I went out there to do chores in the morning and he wasn't in the nest I ... panicked.  I found him over in the corner.  I totally thought he was dead but tried the hot water trick anyhow.  I'm sure you breeders know how awful it is to find cold little kits, but this is how I warm them up...  and it is pretty thrilling to see a virtually dead bunny come back to life when you put them in hot water... wow!  Anyways, he started kicking around and I put him in a towel in a heating pad on the fireplace....

After a while, to my surprise, he warmed up, perked up, and things looked good.

We left for church, but unfortunately he didn't make it while we were gone.  :(  I will miss the little guy.  But really, I did everything I could for him and that's just the way it had to be.  I learned a lot, and won't be crossing Haylie and Mickey anymore.  Chances are there was something wrong with him I didn't know about and Haylie did, which is why she rejected him... and because he had a Max Factor sibling, too.  But I after my two last litters from Haylie not making it, I'm hoping for some healthy happy babies from her and Vinson in a month!  ;)

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Bethany said...

Oh, I'm so sorry, Emily. That must be very sad :`(

That's exciting that there will be more bunnies soon, though!