Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Christmas Pictures

Christmas is definitely one of my favorite times of the year!!!  I had fun the other day taking Christmas photos of the bunnies.....
(and yes, I know I took way too many, but it was just too much fun! .... that's a good excuse, right???)   :)



All the rest are Mickey.....

Isn't Mickey absolutely gorgeous?  I can't WAIT to breed with him!  He is such an awesome little Dwarf Hotot buck... just like is Daddy! 

The babies are doing well.  It was ZERO degrees out this morning.  YIKES!  I was so worried about the babies but the were OK.  Although they don't seem as wiggly or active or something today..... I'm probably just worrying too much, though.  :)

Dolly is awfully hard to convince that is Spring!  Good grief.  :(  She is a stubborn little lady!  :)  I love her anyways though.... I guess.   :)  Here's her and Comic in their new cozy quarters.

Comic enjoying breakfast....

Dolly won't be fooled by a heater.   :(

Miss Stubborn enjoying breakfast.  :)

Their new set-up.  :)

So... we'll see what happens!  :)

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