Monday, December 5, 2011

Warm Nests

The babies are doing good so far!  .... whew!  I go out and check on them pretty often.  I haven't taken any out yet because I don't want them to get cold, though.  I always hold my breath as I wiggle my fingers down under the fur into their nest.... and then I let it out when I feel it's still warm down there.  Cold nests are just the worst thing ever!  :(  But these little guys are staying warm.  Sometimes they will lick on my fingers and wiggle arond and make little squeaking noises... it's sooooooo adorable.  I'm just lovin' having babies around again!  I sure hope they will continue to thrive so well!

After four days of trying to no avail to breed Dolly, I moved her into the milk room today.  The heater is on in there and I'm keeping the light on.  "Dolly, really, it's SPRING!!!!"  She doesn't seem to believe me, somehow!  =)  LOL!  But hopefully this will work!

I "palpated" (although I'm not very good at that yet) Haylie today and her belly seemed rather soft-feeling to me.  I dont' know if this is just the stage she's in or if something has happened to the kits due to her fall.  I hope everything is OK in there.  I remember Bella feeling more "firm" at this stage, but I guess I can't know for sure.  I'm hoping for the best!

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