Friday, December 9, 2011

Rabbit Happenings

It's been busy, or shall I say "hopping!" around here lately.  Dolly is NOT gonna get bred if she can help it (although I'll keep watching to see if she goes into heat), but I'm trying now with Chip since she is a desired weight now.  She seems interested in Comic but wouldn't actually be bred, but we'll see what happens... she's a first-timer, so I'm a little nervous about having a first time mom kindling in January, but I have the heating pad and will hope for the best.  :)  And besides, they all have to have a first time anyways!  =)

Mickey is the cutest thing... when I did chores last night he kept sticking his head out for me to pet so I scratched his head and he just loved it.  :)  It was like petting a cat... you know, how they push up on your hand.  :)  It's sooooo cute. 
This morning when I walked into the rabbitry I was greeted by a very mischievous-looking Mickey sitting on the FLOOR.  I freaked out!  Either I forgot to latch his pen door or he unlatched it himself =/ and wiggled it open and jumped the 2 or 3 foot down to the cement floor.  Yikes.  When I walked up to him he just sat there so I was sure he broke something..... but thankfully not.  Whew!  I was very careful to latch his pen very securely this morning! 
I am excited to use him in my breeding program... he has such awesome type, I'm super excited to see his babies.

If Haylie is still pregnant she should be kindling around next Thursday/Friday or as early as Tuesday.  I'm not sure if I should order another heating pad or if Bella's will have enough fur to be fine on their own by then.  They are growing fur now and are pretty much all white, although their eyes are still shut.  They're such little darlings!  :)

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The Kings said...

So exciting about your babies! Can't wait to see pictures. Best of luck with Haylie, I have a first timer due about that time and I'm already getting nervous. I look forward to hearing how Haylie does next week.