Friday, December 2, 2011

No babies yet!  If she's pregnant then they should be showing up tomorrow or the next day!  I made a little cubby with my fist in the hay tonight, hoping to encourage her to have them in there.  I can feel the heat coming up in there, which is very exciting for me!  :)  I think I will get up a couple times tonight to check on her.... as much as going out in the freezing cold and pitch black really doesn't sound the .... greatest!  ={  But better to be safe than sorry I suppose.  :) 
Mom and I went shopping today and I found some more dishes at a thrift store.  That was great because I broke some plus I have even more rabbits now!  And for 2 bucks (the money kind :)) it just doesn't get any better!  =)  LOL  I also got some measuring cups at Walmart.  Now mom can have her kitchen measuring cup back that I've been using for nearly a year!  haha!  :) 
I also increased their feed to a 1/2 a cup a day.  All the bunnies have been acting SO hungry lately.  I think it must be that they are burning more energy due to the COLD!  (It was a balmy 11 degrees out this morning!)  I will have to watch and make sure they don't start gettin' fat though.  :)  We'll see how it goes.
Haylie & C.C. (a friend of mine thought of the nick name "CC"... it's easier to say than Chocolate Chip. :))  are doing great.  They seem to be adjusting right in.   Haylie did get some loose stools when I started switching her feed yesterday but thankfully she seems fine today.  Yaaay!  
This morning I tried to breed Dolly.  My original plan was to breed Dolly next month and breed CC this month... but CC is only 1.6 pounds so I think I will let her get a little bigger.  Dolly wasn't willing to be bred this morning, but I think just trying will stimulate her enough that she will be good in the morning tomorrow and I'll try again.  :)  
Tomorrow I'm hoping to get some cleaning and maintenance stuff done in the rabbitry.  I've been so busy things got let go a little bit so I need to do some catching up from the last few days.  Nothings that bad, just not orderly and I need to clean up the manure.  .... fun!   :)
Well, that's all for today!  :)

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