Wednesday, December 14, 2011

The long awaited day is just about here.  Haylie is due tomorrow!  I am SO excited for these babies and really hope everything goes well.  Tonight I swapped out hers and Bella's nest box... I was planning on giving Haylie the nest box warmer/heater but realized I had a problem... it was stuck in Bella's box... duhhh.  =/  So... Dad and I carefully moved Bella's nest in one piece and put it in a different nest box and then gave Haylie Bella's box with the heater in it and stuffed it full of clean hay.  So.... I'm hoping Bella won't mind or notice the new box and the babies will be fine without the heat.  While I moved them I tucked them in my warm coat so they wouldn't get cold.  I couldn't resist taking a couple pictures too.... of course.  :)
(Sorry these are so blurry... they just wouldn't stop moving!  :(  )

The are getting so big and can squiggle around now!  And their eyes are opening.  :)  Very sweet... :)  It is SO wonderful having babies around again.  And I can't WAIT for more!!! 


The Kings said...

They are so precious Emily!! Thanks for sharing the photos....Haylie now you have us all waiting in anticipation. ;-)

Julie said...

Good luck! I hope you have a nest of healthy, warm new babies soon!

Those baby pictures are so sweet. <3

Julia's Baby Kittens said...

Oh!!!! They are so CUTE!!! They are looking great! I am excited for Haylie's litter, too!