Thursday, December 1, 2011

Warming Pad

Last night Dad helped me install my warming pad that arrived yesterday into Bella's nest box.  I was so relieved to get that done!  And Dad is a genius!  I didn't want to have to worry about her chewing on it, so he put a mesh wire over the top of it.  There's a hole in the back on the box for the cord to run out.  It seems to be working great.  I am so excited to have more babies, I absolutely can't WAIT!  I hope all goes well! 
Haylie & Chocolate Chip are doing well.  Haylie is pretty territorial and hormonal right now, but that should wear off once she kindles.  And Chocolate Chip seems to be adjusting... I cuddled her for the first time today.  :)  Hopefully she'll be accustomed to her new surroundings soon.  :)  


Janice said...

Sure hope that warming pad does the trick Emily! Good luck on the
upcoming baby bunnies! Gma Janice

Emily said...

Me too! Thanks!! =)

The Kings said...

Good luck with your babies! :-) I added your blog to my blog list. So glad to see another hotot breeder!

Emily said...

Thanks! I added your blog to my list too! It's fun to read about other rabbitries, especially hotot ones. :)